Frequently Asked Questions

The book was just released in Print, Epub, PDF and Kindle formats on Oct 1st! This is a list below of places that the book can be ordered. The quick story is that it is available at, and, as well as most everywhere that books are sold. 

Ken Williams new book
Not All Fairy Tales Have Happy Endings, by Ken Williams

To order the book, click the link corresponding to the version you would like:

To order the PRINTED BOOK from Amazon:

(or paste this website address into your browser –

NOTE: If the book shows as out of stock, or not available for shipment in your country, try

To order the PRINTED BOOK from Lulu:

(or paste this website address into your browser –

NOTE: I have heard reports that the Lulu order form does not like autofill. If you have trouble ordering, try typing in your address directly. 

To order the HARDCOVER BOOK from Lulu:

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To order the Kindle version of the book from Amazon:

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To order a PDF version of the book:

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To order an EPUB version of the book: 

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To watch a video that shows what the book actually looks like:

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The hardcover version of the book is now available!!!

This is the very first delivered copy of the hardcover edition!

The hardcover edition is very nice, but I can’t honestly say that it exceeded expectations (whereas the paperback did!) Whether or not it is worth the incremental cost over the paperback edition, I will leave up to your discretion. For me, it wouldn’t be.

To help you decide, here are links to pictures of the two, side by side:

Front covers (hardcover on left)

Back covers (hardcover on left)

Page with pictures from interior (hardcover on left)

Page with picture from hardcover version

Page with picture from paperback version

Once you order a copy, send me via email ( something showing you ordered it, and your mailing address, and I’ll send you back a link to the PDF you can download (free), so that you can start reading while waiting on the printers. 

The hardcover version is $60, and I apologize for this. It’s expensive to print the book! This is the actual print cost. 

UPDATE (10/22/2020). I am working on sending out the bookplates. WAY MORE of them were ordered than I was expecting. I have re-ordered the labels and envelopes twice. I’ve also had to start over a couple of times, as I realized that I needed to do more to protect them, so that they’d arrive in good condition. Bottom line: None have been mailed yet, but hopefully they will start going out later this week. Thank you for your patience!

I am sorry, but Roberta and I are not offering autographs (autographed bookplates) at this time. 

If you ordered your book prior to Oct 19, 2020, send me an email (  with a picture of the book, or anything showing you ordered the paperback or hardcover edition, and I’ll add you to the list. Work quickly as the bookplates are going out this week.

And, for those of you who already requested a signed label for your book…

I experimented with putting a real wax seal onto each of the labels, with mixed results. It does look cool, but may drop off when you add it to your book. I hope it wasn’t a bad idea. I did melt the wax personally and Roberta and I individually autographed each of these. So, they are indeed unique and I can’t imagine us doing this again (well .. maybe when Roberta releases her book)  They hopefully will be mailed sometime in the next week. 

Thank you!

Well … I think so, but I’m biased. I’ll be very curious what you think! 

It is selling VERY well! I’m not quite sure why it is #1 at amazon for Game Programming when it isn’t a programming book, but if they are happy, I am happy! 


I can safely say that the book is different from anything else out there that has been written about Sierra. There isn’t a lot about individual games and individual designers, other than Roberta (my wife). If I were to summarize the topics I cover in the book, it would be:
  • Autobiographical: Including the story of how Roberta and I met.
  • Business Strategies: Sierra’s marketing, product and acquisition strategies.
  • Roberta’s games: Behind the scenes on the making of Mystery House, Wizard and the Princess, and King’s Quest 8
  • Fun Stuff: Along the way I met with people like: Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Jim Henson, Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, Johnny Hart, Daryl Gates, John Travolta, etc. There are some stories of those encounters that I thought might interest readers.
  • Opinions: I am often asked, “How do I break into the games business?”.  I give my perspective on that topic. There’s also a chapter that many people won’t relate to, but that readers who are software developers will have strong opinions on. I give my vision of what makes good code, and how debugging should be done.
  • Softporn: Background on the infamous photo shoot.
  • Litigation: Sierra’s Atari lawsuit over Pacman
  • The PC Jr: How Sierra almost died in 1983 but was saved by IBM
  • Management: Sierra had nearly 1,000 employees scattered all over the world. I talk about how I was able to manage the operation while maintaining creativity
  • What happened? Why did Sierra collapse: The behind the scenes story of what ripped Sierra apart at the end.
It is currently 408 pages with color images on about a third of the pages. I’m planning to print it in color. It is designed to be a 6″x9″ paperback. The print quality is good (but, not awesome). I’m trying to balance quality with cost.
You can see a printed copy of the book by clicking this link:

The book is being sold now! The printed copy, PDF verrsion and EPUB version can be ordered at and should appear on within weeks. The Kindle version is already available on the Amazon Kindle store.

Yes. The book can be shipped to virtually every country.

Absolutely! The PDF and EPUB versions are available now at and the Kindle version is on the website

That’s in the book! The quick story was that our boating season was canceled by the virus and I was stuck home quarantined with nothing to do and Roberta said, “Maybe you could write a book.”

I’m planning to do exactly zero press tours or interviews. I will probably link to the book on my website and social media, but I am not planning on “marketing” the book. I’m enjoying retirement! My days as a publisher are long over. I’ll make it possible for fans and people who are interested to find the book but do not want to push it. 

Absolutely! There was no ghost writer involved.